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Making Decision Sciences Work for Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation

Decision making under risk and uncertainty-A most prevalent situation in any business scenario

To be storm proof, the business needs to be based on right inputs and controlled process conversions. This can be made possible only if the management strategy that is being formulated is based on certain tried and tested techniques that are able to provide a good spectrum of information and a procedure to churn and utilize the obtained information to the best under certain or uncertain conditions. Here the need for the techniques formulated keeping operations research as a basis ,become real handy and assist the strategists to reach a pareto optimal solution before a strategy implementation decision is made.…

How Pricing Strategy Can Help to Achieve Marketing Goals of a Firm

pricing trategy planning

Pricing is an important aspect of marketing and is usually determined by the company’s target market, cost of production, marketing mix strategy, marketing objectives and so on. Some pricing objectives include survival, profit maximization, product-quality leadership and market-share leadership. The price that a company usually sets on its product is between one that is too low to produce a profit and one that is too high to produce any demand. Costs consumer perception and competitors prices are three major factors that influence how companies price their products. Read our full blog post for more details.


Cost plus pricing can be described as adding a standard mark up to the cost of the product.…

Economic Globalization and Nationalist Tensions

Globalisation Undermine

Ricardo’s law of comparative advantage has proven to hold true. Today’s global economy is highly interconnected, and many industries are now structured with global supply chains from components to assembly to customer support. Consumers expect to be able to buy an ever broader range of goods that come from dozens of countries, including Taiwanese PCs, Chilean sea bass, New Zealand apples, German shavers, and Japanese video game consoles. Now that businesses have discovered cost advantages of global sourcing and outsourcing, no political or populist force will allow us to return to inefficient, closed national market environments.

However, as Congressman Tip O’Neill famously said, “All politics is local.”…

Customer Insights – Appropriate Tools

Software Marketing Services

With the vast amounts of data available for capturing and analysis, there are many software tools available to process and store the raw information. Clearly, software tools are developed to perform specific functions. However, they are not always used appropriately! In that tools that are familiar people are used, rather than the tool that best suits the purpose. Frequently, spreadsheets are used to perform database functions, when they are not really designed to perform database functions, due to the fact that people are familiar and comfortable with using spreadsheets. Tools should be used for their intended purpose in order to perform tasks efficiently and effectively.


These are developed primarily for calculations and to visually display your data and as such should be used to analyze information.…